Without the big Tooth-Indians knowledge Wiggle-Tooth, Crooked-Tooth and Bad-Luck-Tooth sneak away
for a picnic at the dangerous waterfall. As Bad-Luck-Tooth, whose loose tooth has
been hanging on by an thread, jumps into the water, the tragedy begins.
Wiggle-Tooth is on her way to visit Grey-Tooth. When Rabbit-Tooth comes along,
he has only mischief in mind. Even after they arrive at the old Indians tepee
Rabbit-Tooth plays one trick after another.
Wiggle-Tooth’s pen pal, the little cowboy Sammy, invites her to visit him in Greenville. She
goes happily and discovers that cowboys do not know much about dental hygiene. They do
not even know about the Tooth Fairy. When it is Sammy’s turn to sleep over at the
Tooth Indians village, he learns for the first time how to properly clean his teeth.
The Tooth Indians - Mini No. 1
Where is the Tooth for the Tooth Fairy
The Tooth Indians - Mini No. 2
Rabbit-Tooth’s pranks
The Tooth Indians - Mini No. 3
Crooked-Tooth visits the Shaman
When the Stinky Foot Indians learn about the Tooth Fairy they hatch a plan: They want the loose tooth
of the Indian child Wiggle Tooth and so they decide to kidnap her. But
Wiggle Tooth, the bravest of all Indian children foils Chief Cheese-Foots plan.
In their first adventure the Tooth Indians tell an exiting story about ...
The Tooth Indians -
Volume 1 - Wiggle-Tooth gets kidnapped
The Indian boy Bad-Luck-Tooth wishes for nothing more than the gift he will receive from
the Tooth Fairy in exchange for his tooth. But unfortunately he can’t find the tooth
he lost. Wiggle-Tooth and her friend Bear-Tooth must help.
A small catastrophe has happened in the Indian village. All the toothbrushes disappeared.
Wise-Tooth calls all the Indians together, but no one knows what to do.
Only Wiggle-Tooth has a suspicion.
The three friends Crooked-Tooth, Bad-Luck-Tooth and Wiggle-Tooth visit together
with Rabbit tooth the oldest Tooth-Indian Grey-Tooth to listen to one of his well-
known stories. But they suddenly find themselves contemplating the legend of Chief
Fresh-Tooth’s Tears of Laughter.
The Tooth Indians - Mini No. 4
Bad-Luck-Tooth is waiting for the Tooth Fairy
The Tooth Indians - Mini No. 5
The Toothbrushes are missed
The Tooth Indians - Mini No. 6
Fresh-Tooth’s Tears of Laughter
Oh no, Crooked-Tooth has to go to Look-Tooth, the wise village shaman, for a check-up. Every
Tooth-Indian receives regular tooth examinations. But Crooked-Tooth is not happy
about it so Wiggle-Tooth goes with him
The Tooth Indians -
Volume 2 - Visit from Cowboy Sammy
Wiggle-Tooth receives a call for help from her pen pal the little cowboy Sammy.
Look-Tooth must come right away because something terrible is happening in
Greenville. Of course the little Indian girl and the shaman leave immediately.
Big and strong Bear-Tooth suddenly behaves very strangely. Wiggle-Tooth finds out
that he is in love. But he doesn’t tell her with whom he is in love. Will Wiggle-Tooth
find out? Perhaps her little friend Rabbit-Tooth can help her.
When the Stinkyfoot-Indians visit the Indian village, Chief Wise-Tooth has a great idea. A
tooth cleaning competition! Except the Chief expected the duel to be much easier. It appears
that the Stinkyfoot-Indians have practiced.
The Tooth Indians - Mini No. 7
The Cowboys need Help
The Tooth Indians - Mini No. 8
Bear-Tooth in Love
The Tooth Indians - Mini No. 9
The Tooth Cleaning Competition
Wiggle Tooth is surprised by an unexpected visitor in the village. He asks the Tooth Indians for help.
But the visitor comes from a different country that is far away. Wiggle Tooth and
the shamane Look-Tooth make the long and adventures journey, to suddenly
meet 40 thieves at once.
The tooth-Indians never expected this. The Cavity Apaches attack their beautiful village and tie them
up to the martyr stake. And as if that were not enough they begin to bother each
other. The Cavity Apaches can be very mean. They even break
Wise Tooth’s favourite toothbrush.
The Tooth Indians -
Volume 3 - Attack of the Cavity Apaches
The Tooth Indians -
Volume 4 - Look-Tooth and the Forty Thieve